Dryland Training

Lone Peak Performance has built a world-class training system for the most elite athletes of the Big Sky Ski Education Foundation. Our coaches know how to train athletes to maximize gains in ski specific skills, generating results that carry over to the slopes and help you maximize performance when it matters most.

Fall Pre-Season Dryland Services for BSSEF

Large Group Training 10:1
This is an 8-week training program, consisting of 16 one-hour sessions, held in a large group training format. There are two sessions available—both are capped at 10 kids per session—led by a Performance Coach 2x/week: Monday/Wednesday 4:00 - 5:00 PM (Bozeman) OR Tuesday/Thursday 5:30 - 6:30 PM (Big Sky). This program runs from October, 21st through December 19th, 2019 *There is no training the week of Thanksgiving (11/25 - 11/29)*.
Sign-Up Deadline: 10/20/19 | BSSEF Large Group Package Price = $300/athlete

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Year-Round Services

Individualized Strength and Conditioning Membership Program 1:1

This program is designed for the athletes who are motivated to take their skiing to the next level. Individual needs are met by addressing specific skiing qualities that the athlete wants to dial in. Our state-of-the-art 1080 Quantum and 1080 Sprint allow us to measure and track, in detail, how the body is responding to training, by delivering specific metrics that quantify gains. Lone Peak Performance currently has 8 kids from Big Sky participating in this program. Our Performance Coaches have been carefully cultivating unique and individualized programming for each BSSEF member currently enrolled in the program during our 1:1, 1-hr sessions. 
Price: UNLIMITED: $575/month 

OR 10-Pack $680
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*NEW* Small Group Training 3:1
Our small group, 3:1, 1-hr sessions are a great option for the athletes who want to take advantage of our individualized programming, as well as train with a few of their teammates. Pairing compatible athletes based on age and ability allows us to strengthen the group, while still providing enough one-on-one attention to address the specific needs of each individual.
Price: $270/month UNLIMITED 

For more information or to sign up for either 1:1 or 3:1 training, please contact us at 406-995-4522.



Concussion Baseline Testing/Return to Sport Services 

Lone Peak Performance is including a baseline concussion screening on all BSSEF members participating in any Dryland Training program (1:1, 3:1, 10:1). Screenings will be led by Allie Epstein, DPT. Following baseline testing this fall, LPP will conduct routine follow up baseline testing every 6 months for participants. If athletes sustain a concussion during the season, Allie will be your primary resource for concussion testing, subsequent treatment, and return-to-sport decision making. The very first visit for treatment after a reported or suspected concussion is included in ANY BSSEF Dryland Training Package. Subsequent treatment will be billed to insurance or taken as self-pay.

Please call 406-995-4522 or email us at performance@lonepeakpt.com with questions.