Dryland Training

Lone Peak Performance has built a world-class training system for the most elite athletes of the Big Sky Ski Education Foundation. Our coaches know how to train athletes to maximize gains in ski specific skills, generating results that carry over to the slopes and help you maximize performance when it matters most.

Fall Pre-Season Dryland Services for BSSEF

BSSEF Dryland Training Services 

The sign-up deadline for the 8-week Dryland Program is Friday October 2nd.  Please register before the deadline so that we can ensure appropriate grouping for your child. 

Regarding COVID-19 precautions, this year we are reducing group size and abiding by all CDC guidelines on site. We will also be offering virtual and remote training plans for athletes who prefer to workout at home. 

If you have any questions about the program, please call our office to learn more.

  • Lone Peak Performance Bozeman (406-551-9077)
  • Lone Peak Performance Big Sky (406-995-4522)

8-Week Dryland Program: October 12th - December 10th, 2020 

Price: $300 

This is an 8-week Dryland Training Program, we will meet twice a week for 1-hr long sessions. We offer this program at both of our Performance locations: Bozeman and Big Sky. Group size will be capped at 8 athletes, all groups are organized by age (U10-U19). 
To sign up, please select the link next to the appropriate location and age group of your child below.

Lone Peak Performance Bozeman 

 * U14 + U16 will train together this year. This age group can join either group 2 or 4.

Lone Peak Performance Big Sky 

 * U14 + U16 will train together this year. 

 For more information on specificity of training between age groups, please read our age-group descriptions below:
  • Introduction to gym-based training
  • Exposure to ski-specific training.
  • A large emphasis on body awareness, injury prevention exercises, agility, balance, mobility, and team building. No weights are used at this age.


  • Strength development age group.
  • Athletes learn how to become stronger off-snow in preparation for ski season. 
  • A large emphasis on learning correct form of exercises, jumping/landing correctly, body awareness, and agility work. Athletes are now exposed to the mentality of working hard and how it pays off when it comes time to ski. No weights are used at this age. At this age, athletes learn how to master body-weight movements.


  • Competition development age group
  • Athletes preparing for competition season learn how to safely and effectively strength train for improved performance. When appropriate, athletes learn the fundamentals of weight train and develop the mechanics for jumping and changing direction. 
  • A large emphasis on conditioning, strength training, agility, and advanced balance training.


  • Elite level training for peak performance
  • Athletes prepare for competition season by developing strength, power, and agility. 
  • A large emphasis on ski-specific strength training, explosive movements, and advanced plyometrics.


  • Same focus as U16. In some cases, groups will be formed between age brackets based on training age (different from biological age) in the weight room. Athletes in this age group are encouraged to join year-round training program as summer and winter training are necessary for success at this age.

1:1 Individual and Small Group Elite Training

For the athlete that is ready to push their performance to the next level, we offer sport specific year-round training services. Please call our Bozeman (406-551-9077) or Big Sky (406-995-4522) offices to learn more about our highly individualized 1:1 and small group training options.

Concussion Baseline Testing/Return to Sport Services 

Lone Peak Performance is including a baseline concussion screening on all BSSEF members participating in any training program. Baseline testing and screenings will be led by our Physical Therapists. If your athlete sustains a concussion during the season, our Physical Therapists will be your primary resource for concussion testing, subsequent treatment, and return-to-sport decision making. 

Please call 406-995-4522 or email us at performance@lonepeakpt.com with questions.