Combine Testing

Test, train, and compete at a higher level with sport performance testing by Lone Peak Performance at Montana Indoor Sports.

Results from performance testing represent so much more than just bragging rights. Pre-season combine testing with Lone Peak Performance gives coaches the exact information they need to plan and design training plans for their teams that are as efficient and effective as possible.

Performance testing exposes your strengths and weaknesses so that you know exactly how to train, it also gives you baseline data for appropriate training progression and injury prevention. 

All 7th-12th-grade athletes welcome. Sign up below to reserve your spot.

September 14th | 9AM - 5PM

Montana Indoor Sports


  • T-Test agility
  • Vertical jump
  • Triple jump for distance
  • 40 yard dash on 1080 Sprint
  • 25 yard dash with 10kg resistance on 1080 Sprint
  • Yo-Yo intermittent recovery


Athletes will sign up for an hour-long testing slot (limit of 10 athletes per hour). Cost is $99 per person.

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